Anniversary Gifts

Most people know that there are traditional gifts for the major anniversaries: year 25 is silver, 50 is gold, 60 is diamond.  But, there are also traditional anniversary gifts for each year!  


Year One: Paper & Clocks

  • Katie to Brett: B heart K origami book, watch box, watch
  • Brett to Katie: Date Night In cookbook, map of stars the night we met, plaque of costs and events the year we got married


Year Two: Cotton

  • Katie to Brett: T-shirts, cotton candy, Ellen underwear, beer towels
  • Brett to Katie: custom pillow of important dates


Year Three: Leather

  • Katie to Brett: leather candle, leather coaster making class, autographed Seahawks football
  • Brett to Katie: ottoman, fruit leather & jerky, leather cricut gear, leather wallet making class, makeup bag, leather custom wedding photo